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Hello, I'm a software consultant who builds software products and services using responsible practices.

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Principles and Practices

With over 18 years of experience in the field, I can agree with the old saying, "You have to go slow to go fast." There is a lot to consider, at a glance, and among many other topics, the ways I like to work includes:

Testing at Heart

Testing is what I breathe, from a practical Testing Pyramid to Synthetic Monitoring, IaC and Container testing and so on. I love to sleep well at night. And yes, I do TDD.

Push & Deploy

Releasing software should be the most boring thing ever. As an automation advocate, Continuous Delivery should be a must (where possible, Continuous Deployment).

Continuous Improvement

Iterate and improve on every aspect of an organisation, not just in the technology and practices but in culture. It is a catalyst for efficiency and productivity.

Security First

Bring security concerns as earliest as possible in the Software Development Lifecycle (aka. shift-left on Security). Moreover, It should be part of the automated testing strategy.

Clean Code

I don't write code for a machine; that is easy; anyone can do it. Write code that anyone, including your future self, can understand. It takes time, and it's worth it.


At the heart of a healthy culture is collaboration. Therefore, I like to embrace and promote activities that facilitate communication and cooperation.

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The Right Foundations

To build and stand tall, you need to have the right foundations.

Foundations don't need to be perfect when building software, but they must be right. The perfection lies in building and growing software sustainably and on budget.

Having a long career has helped me foster solid relationships with great professionals with both the same and complementary skills.

Whether you are looking to hire me as an individual or hire a team, help related to software, collaboration in projects or content, find below my details and Say Hello.

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